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A56210-857 LS - Fistreem III 4 L/hr Still 240V

A56210-857 LS
Fistreem III 4 L/hr Still 240V

Laboratory Water Distiller. 4 lph 240 Vac

Retail Price : $9,798.00
Our Low Price : $8,622.24

All LabStrong Fi-Streem stills include the following items FREE so your ordering and installation will be simple and easy.

  • Reinforced mains input tube with fittings TU744X1LS
  • Reinforced drain tube with fittings TU744X1LS
  • Distillate tube TU0012-13
  • Distillate glass elbow 562X4LS
  • Reservoir float level switch 857X3LS
  • Plastic funnel for cleaning MC0012-2
  • Wall mounting bracket 562X32LS
  • Kit to convert still to pre-treated feed

Product Features:

Consistently Pure Water

The still consistently produces high quality ASTM Type II water and can remove inorganic ions, dissolved gases, organics, particles, bacteria and pyrogens from water. The still features a unique patented vapor trap designed to eliminate all vapor borne droplets, ensuring there is no carry-over of impurities in the distillate water. The resultant is pyrogen free water at all times. Glass components in the still eliminate leaching impurities.

Safe Operation

Multiple safety features protect the still and the user. A thermistor and over temperature protection device in the boiler assembly offers double protection against low water conditions. The base of the still is designed to contain accidental leaks within the still. The totally enclosed still design assures operator safety from breakage and hot surfaces.

Reliable and Effortless to Use

The still features user friendly operation. With the press of a single button, the still is operational. With the press of two buttons the still is in the clean mode. Fully automatic microprocessor controls simplify operation and cleaning while assuring high reliability.

The still is supplied with a float switch which shuts off the still automatically when the water storage reservoir is full, enabling safe and unattended operation. The 24-hour automatic control activates the still as required to maintain a full reservoir. The automatic control start/stop feature is enabled when the still is connected to the LabStrong 20 Liter Carboy B00122 , LabStrong 50 Liter Carboy A1058LS , or LabStrong 40 Liter Storage Tank B00121 via the float switch.

Highly Efficient and Economical

Multiple pretreatment options are available for the still that can produce 1 Liter of distilled water from 1.1 Liters of pretreated water. The pretreatment also helps to reduce the frequency of cleaning the still by removing scaling impurities from the inlet source water.

The optimal power design increases output with fewer watts and a built-in flow controller maximizes product water output while minimizing inlet water usage to drain. The still can be conveniently turned off for extended periods of time and returned to operation without the need for sanitizing or replacing consumables. Not only does this feature save valuable time, but also resources.

Simple to Clean

Descaling of the still is simplified by a cleaning process that does not require the dismantling of any glassware. The process requires little operator time and is easy to complete. The microprocessor and thermistor controlled operation incorporates a dual flush program to ensure the still is ready to return to normal operation following a clean cycle.

Space Saving Design

Included with the still is a wall mount bracket, which allows for wall mounting. The still can be bench mounted.

Easy to Install

The still does not require pretesting or prequalification of water prior to installing. The still can simply be connected to tap water and operate. For convenience, the still is designed with dual feed capabilities for tap or pretreated feedwater. All of the necessary tubing is included with the still to complete installation.

Product Specifications:

  • Feed Water Type: Tap or Pretreated
  • Feed Water Inlet: 1/2 inch ID tubing
  • Feed Water Operational Temperature Range: 40 to120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Feed Water Cooling Water Temperature: 40 to86degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooling Water Liters Per Hour : 60
  • Product Water Capacity Liters Per Hour : 4
  • Physical Dimensions Length x Width x Height :14.75 x 10.25 x 29.5 inches
  • Operating Weight: 46 pounds
  • 240V, 13A
  • 2 Heaters
  • Feed Water Minimum Pressure: 10 PSI
  • Feed Water Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI
  • Certification: CSA, cCSAus and CE

Common Applications for Distilled Water:

  • Bacteria and pyrogen removal
  • Buffer and reagent preparation
  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Feed water for Type 1 Ultrapure Water Systems
  • Fixatives
  • General chemistry
  • General laboratory equipment feed i.e. humidification, environmental chambers, autoclaves and dishwashers
  • Glassware rinsing and washing
  • Hydroponics
  • Protocols specifically requiring glass distilled water
  • Solid phase extraction
  • Trace metal detection
  • Top off lead acid batteries
  • Water analysis i.e. BOD, COD, TOC, TOD, pH value tests

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The LabStrong Fi-Streem model number A56210-857LS is the direct replacement of theThermo ScientificBarnsteadFi-Streem model numberA56210-857.


*Barnstead and Thermo Scientific are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Fi-Streem is a trademark of Fi-Streem International Ltd.

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  • A56210-857 LS - Fistreem III 4 L/hr Still 240V

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